Interviews will focus on your lived experiences, your ideas for systems and structures that will promote gender equity, and concrete steps that can be taken by FoM to advance gender equity. Participation also includes a short demographic survey (you will be provided the link to complete the survey and a participant code once an interview is scheduled and we have received your signed consent form).

The one-on-one interview is estimated to last approximately 60 mins. Participants and research assistants will schedule the interview for a mutually agreeable time via Zoom or in-person. For those choosing in-person, the research assistant will be vaccinated and use an appropriate mask. Participants will have the option of wearing a mask. For those choosing to participate virtually, this study will use the Zoom platform to collect data.

Additionally, if you feel you would be more comfortable participating in a group interview format, for example with other interested colleagues you have identified yourself or in a group dynamic consisting of individuals that have contacted us with the same preference as you, please let us know, and we will do our best to make a group interview possible.

If you have any questions and/or to schedule an interview please email: